Are Tasketeers Employees? 

   No, to serve our customers better we use experienced and vetted Independent Contractors. 

Who and How do I pay?

   You will pay The Tasketeers Directly by E-Transfer when the tasks and agreed upon time are completed.  

How do I receive a price for my Task?

   Once you fill out the contact form a Tasketeer will be in touch with your quote and availability.  We’ll have an online calendar option soon. 

What makes The Tasketeers Different?

   The Main difference is we charge an hourly rate and can complete more than one task during our visit.  Unlike our competitors who make you select one task at a time we understand that most households have a growing to-do list. 

   We also have specific Tasketeers for specific areas so you can have the same Tasketeer for every visit building a strong a working relationship.  Don’t want the same Tasketeers, please reach out to us directly so we can address any concerns to make your experience better.  

  All of our Tasketeers have completed a police background check and must have a Vulnerable Sector Check which is restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable persons in Canada only. They’ve also provided personal references and underwent a rigorous interview process.